Blue Moon Light Sky Beer Review (Is It Any Good?)

As a lover of wheat beers, when I saw single cans of Blue Moon Light Sky, it went right into my create-your-own 6 pack. With the skinny tall can reminiscent of a spiked seltzer, my expectations were the Light Sky would taste like Blue Moon and a sickeningly sweet chemical tasting citrus seltzer had a baby.

Luckily, I kept my mind and taste buds open, because I am happy to report Blue Moon Light Sky just tastes like a “Blue Moon Light” – a lighter version of the original beer.

Blue Moon vs Blue Moon Light Sky

Blue Moon is to Light Sky as Budweiser is to Bud Light. Traditional Blue Moon has a fuller body and a bit more flavor, while the Light Sky is a lighter body. For a lighter beer, the Light Sky still has a fair amount of wheat and citrus taste going on.

With health-conscious people seeking out lower calorie and lower carb beer options, it makes sense Blue Moon would jump on that trend.

According to Blue Moon’s website, the Light Sky has only 95 calories. It also lists a 4% ABV and 10 IBUs.

Comparatively, the traditional Blue Moon clocks in at 5% ABV and 9 IBUs. While Blue Moon’s site does not list the calories, various other sites report 170 calories per bottle.

Saving 75 calories? Heck, that’s almost 80% of another Light Sky.

Drinking 2 Blue Moons = 340 calories consumed

340 calories/95 calories per Light Sky = 3.5

So, you could drink 3.5 Light Skys for the same number of calories as 2 Blue Moons.

That’s good news for calorie counters who also like to drink.

If you’re the sip and savor type of beer drinker, however, you may prefer to enjoy one Blue Moon with its fuller body and more robust taste.

Overall Thoughts About Blue Moon Light Sky

Blue Moon Light Sky is an extremely crushable, light “lawnmower” beer.

It’s a great option for a beer after a sweaty day on the hiking trails. Or as an option for a lighter beer when you know you’ll be sitting around a campfire for hours and can’t fathom drinking heavier beers all night.

I wouldn’t classify it as an amazing witbier like some of these others, but that’s not the niche Light Sky is trying to fill.

It is, however, a solid option for wheat beer lovers looking for something light.

Have you tried Light Sky yet?

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