All About the Aldi Beer Advent Calendar 2020

As a kid did you look forward to popping a tiny piece of milk chocolate from a cardboard advent calendar throughout December?

Re-live the anticipation and fun of an advent calendar as an adult with a treat of a different kind – a beer loaded advent calendar to help you count down the days to Christmas.

A beer advent calendar is perfect for the adult who would rather drink a chocolate-y stout than get a teeny piece of sugar.

Aldi will be debuting a beer advent calendar for the second year in a row in November 2020.

Want to try to get the coveted Aldi item? Read on for how to score one.

What Is The Aldi Beer Advent Calendar?

In 2019 the Aldi beer advent calendar presented a 12 oz bottle of a different beer each day for 24 days. Hopefully, 2020 will be the same.

The variety of beer is good news for folks who have purchased the wine version of the Aldi advent calendar only to be disappointed by wine duplicated throughout the month.

Costing approximately $50, that comes to about $2 per beer. Not bad for over 3 weeks of fun.

The much awaited Aldi Beer Advent Calendar for the year 2020 will go on sale in the USA on Wednesday, November 4, 2020.

How to Purchase an Aldi Beer Advent Calendar

Aldi has more than 2000 stores that are spread in over 36 states.

Chances are if you’re reading an article about the Aldi beer advent calendar you already know the lure of the store and have visited one many times. But if you are looking for an Aldi off the beaten path, check out their online store locator to discover locations.

Be prepared to get to your Aldi prior to or right at opening on November 4 for your best chances at scoring one of the beer or wine advent calendars.

In the past, wine calendar seekers have been provided tickets while lining up outside their locations to allow them to buy one.

Beer calendars did not require a ticket and rather were first-come-first-served. However, with the beer advent calendar gaining popularity over time we wouldn’t be surprised if Aldi rolled out a ticket system for beer as well.

Supplies of the Aldi advent calendars are extremely limited and not restocked, so if you’ve got your heart set on buying one, set a reminder on your phone for store opening on November 4th.

Get up early and grab and extra cup of coffee, because you’re going to have to be an early bird shopper that day.

If you are planning on also picking up one of their other advent calendars including wine, sparkling wine or hard seltzer, know there is a limit of 2 alcoholic advent calendars per customer.

Here’s a fun listing of all the different types of advent calendars Aldi will stock in 2020.

Can I Order the ALDI Beer Advent Calendar Online?

Unfortunately, certain types of Advent Calendars including cheese and alcohol advent calendars are not available for pickup or delivery.

Alternatives to the ALDI Advent Calendars

If you’re unable to get to an Aldi store at opening on November 4th, you can always try a beer advent calendar from an online beer store. You can pre-order Give Them Beer’s version of a beer advent calendar online. While their calendar only has 12 curated craft beers, the upside is they ship to most states.

Or try creating your own beer advent calendar by visiting your local bottle shop and selecting 24 beers. Wrap them all in the same paper and then be surprised with the beer you select each day. Want to get fancy? You can even find beer advent creates and boxed to put your own selected beers on Etsy.

Important Takeaways:

  • Aldi Beer Calendar will be released in the US on November 4, 2020
  • Limit of 2 alcoholic advent calendars per customer
  • Items will not be restocked- plan accordingly

Got your heart set on scoring an Aldi beer advent calendar in 2020? Set your reminder for November 4 now!