What Type of Beer is Blue Moon?

I’m sure you’ve heard of Blue Moon before. It’s a great light beer that is perfect for summer. You might have wondered what type of beer it actually is.

Blue Moon is a Belgian-Style Wheat Ale brewed with orange peel and coriander, then fermented with an authentic Belgian yeast strain to give it that distinctive flavor. It is also unfiltered which leaves it cloudy in appearance.

Pouring a Blue Moon beer

Is Blue Moon a Craft Beer?

There’s no doubt about it, when Blue Moon first came out, it was a craft beer. The company started as a craft division of the Coors Brewing Company back in 1995 and was the result of a homebrewing experiment gone right.

As time went on and the popularity of Blue Moon grew, it became its own brand. As a result, they had to settle a lawsuit brought up by craft breweries who felt that this popular beer was stealing their customer base.

Is Blue Moon A Craft Beer Now?

Not anymore! Today, Blue Moon is owned by MillerCoors, a subsidiary of SABMiller. It’s safe to say that Blue Moon is not a craft beer anymore.

What Is the ABV of Blue Moon?

Blue Moon has an alcohol content of 5.4% ABV (alcohol by volume).

Why Is Blue Moon Served With An Orange Slice?

Orange slices are usually served with Blue Moon because they help balance the flavors. It also adds a refreshing quality to the beer so depending on who you talk to, it really is up to personal preference.

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