Corkscrew Falls in Hocking Hills: The Comprehensive Guide

What to Know Before You Go to Corkscrew Falls (aka Robinson Falls) in Hocking Hills

You’ve been doing reseach on visiting the Hocking Hills area and keep seeing amazing photos and reading how Corkscrew Falls is “secret,” “elusive” and “something most people will never see.” These claims sure make the falls, also known as Robinson Falls, sound magical.

Pinterest Photo of Corkscrew Falls

Photo by Kenneth Kiefer, Shutterstock

You might conjure expectations of trekking through a mystical fairy tale land. As you approach, you can hear the roaring falls. As the tree growth gives way to an opening and you see something from out of a movie set.

Maybe I watch too many movies?

But the reality of Corkscrew Falls is very different.

To be fair to the photographer of the image above, it is a gorgeous photo. But it my expecations of Corkscrew Falls didn’t live up to my experience.

The fact these falls are less traveled than some of the major Hocking Hills ones, such as Ash Cave and Cedar Falls, makes them more mysterious. The additional excitement of having to trespass on to private land lured photographers and explorers to find these falls.

The Hike to Corkscrew Falls

The reality to Corkscrew Falls is you walk down a short path to a roped off area where you can see the falls from a distance. The falls are actually pretty small (about 10 feet high) and seeing them from this vantage point doesn’t add any majesty.

The area is beautiful – a wooded gorge area with a waterfall. It is in the Hocking Hills area, after all. Ferns adorn the ground and rocks are covered in a lovely moss.

The roped off area gives you a few vantage points of the waterfall through trees. You can also see down into the rocky gorge and watch the stream flow by.

However, adjust your expecations for the waterfall before going or you may be disappointed.

Corkscrew Falls in Hocking Hills, Ohio

Should You Go to Corkscrew Falls?

I certainly don’t want to discourage you from seeking out this hidden spot.

If you’ve already been to all the other amazing waterfalls of the Hocking Hills area, it can be fun to go on a bit of a road trip away from the park to see something off the beaten path.

So, if you’re up for a bit of an adventure and have a good camera photo lens to get distance photos – why not go?

How to Get to Corkscrew Falls

The good news is you no longer have to trespass to see the waterfall.

However, before you go, you will need to request a permit from ODNR, as the waterfall is in a restricted area of Boch Hollow. Applying for the permit is straightforward, just be sure to allow enough lead time to get the permit processed before you head to the preserve.

ODNR requests 7 days to process your permit. Here’s how to apply, plus some other helpful guidelines.

While the online permit application is fairly straightforward, you will want to allow ample to get your permit processed. ODNR requests to receive your permit application at least 14 days prior to your visit.

At the time of the approval of your permit, they will send you instructions on how to get to the falls, where to park, and other details.

The trailhead is in the vicinity of the intersection of OH-664 and Zwickle Road. There is a small parking area and ODNR will give you a parking pass to display in your car.

There are other areas you may want to explore in Boch Hollow in addition to the waterfall.

Find out more Boch Hollow Preserve on ODNR’s webiste.

Visit Another Hidden Gem – Rock Stalls

Take the opportunity to see the hidden gem of a waterfall at Rock Stalls Nature Sanctuary while you are in the area.

Like Corkscrew Falls, it also not as traveled as Hocking Hills State Park trails, but has the incredible beauty of the area.

We found this hike to be a wonderful surprise. The trail allows you to get to the base of the waterfall and is an amazing spot for photos.

Rock Stalls is also an awesome spot for wildflowers. You’ll see plenty of trillium and bellwort along the trial in spring.

The waterfall is located within a preserve on Camp Akita, however public access is allowed.

rock stalls waterfall hidden gem
Rock Stalls Waterfall

Have you been to Corkscrew/Robinson Falls?

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